About us


We are an offshore global provider of financial services. Whether you are saving for retirement or just managing your money wisely, the investment company can be a huge benefit for you. SIMB Wealth Management will help you to grow financially whether you are an experienced investors or just a beginner. We have a group of dedicated merchants with more than 10 years involvement in investment markets. Each Merchant is very sophisticated in his field. We have different departments that handling the investments.

High-Tech Industries are an important part of our world economy. We work with market leaders in enterprise application software and information technology. SIMB helps you to live your life in the moment.

We do commercial real estate business globally. Our qualified individuals are sophisticated on property management and real estate marketing. We own studio apartments in San Francisco, New York City and Istanbul.

SIMB has a large activity in trading foreign currencies, exchanging stock and FX. The crypto currencies has proven their value in last two years. So, we decided to give a chance to dedicated individuals.

Renting Sport Cars is an another department in our company. We make long term car leasing to corporations. We are trying our best to increase our fleet. It has been proved that it is the best way to increase company turnover and profits.

It is very simple to invest with us. It only takes just a few clicks. Register, invest your capital to the right direction and create a cash flow!

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